Cosmic Vibrations

Drifting in an Infinite Sea [Night Sky Sessions]


After Sunset @ Piha Beach

Sunset Guide 2022: October 7:30pm, November 8pm, December 8:30pm

75 minute guided tour of our Southern night sky.

View the radiant rings of Saturn, the many moons of Jupiter, and maybe even the craters of our own moon seen in “Maximum Resolution”.

Learn about celestial navigation and our major constellations during our laser show.

Moon chairs and hot drinks provided.

Cosmic Vibrations is a seasonal astro-tourism project aimed at magnifying conscious awareness of our unique place in the Universe and simultaneously to give insight on the problem of light pollution & LED poisoning in the modern environment.

We are content to be 100% NZ owned and operated. Your dollars will stay in the local ecosystem.

We do not discriminate under any circumstances.

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