SPECIAL EVENT: [15 Dec] Geminides Meteor Shower


8pm > 10pm

Earth will pass through the remnants of Tempel-Tuttle comet throughout mid-November and will reach it’s peak on the 15th, averaging 100 “shooting stars” an hour.

Part I: Pop Up Planetarium

An Interactive Universe Presentation which allows us to fly virtually from Earth, beyond our Solar System, to neighbouring Galaxies. This journey is charted by the particular interests of show goers so you can be sure to have a personalised, informative, and mind expanding show.

Part II: Guided Telescope Viewing*

View objects through our Southern sky where we will view the radiant rings of Saturn, the many moons of Jupiter, open star clusters, and sun birthing nebulas.
Learn about celestial navigation and our major constellations during our laser show.
Moon chairs limited to first 12 passengers.

Blankets and hot drinks provided.

We do not discriminate under any circumstances. If money is a barrier, trade offers of comparable value are welcome.

Cosmic Vibrations is a seasonal astro-tourism project aimed at magnifying conscious awareness of our unique place in the Universe and simultaneously to give insight on the problem of light pollution & LED poisoning in the modern environment.

We are content to be 100% NZ owned and operated.

*In case of cloud cover, Guided Telescope Viewing segment will be cancelled and show goers who paid full price ($120 pp) will receive a 50% refund.